Verbal Diary 💬
A podcast of #RantsAndBants from Si Jobling & James Norton
11 days ago

№32 - Coconuts 🥥

In this week’s audio-only podcast, James demonstrates an app on his Mac to Si before we bring on the damp-handed rants

17 days ago

№31 - How'd You Like Them Apples 🍏

We are back! Si made some notes and James, well, didn't. We discuss Apple's software woes and hardware wow.

2 months ago

№30 - Summer Holiday Special (Part 2) ⛱

This week, Si and James break up their summer holidays for another bumper special

3 months ago

№29 - Summer Holiday Special 🏖️

This week, it is our 2019 Summer Holiday Special.

3 months ago

№28 - Alright Duck 🦆

Another animal-related episode title from Si & James - and this time they ponder what success might look like.

4 months ago

№27 - Garage 🎧

What's the difference between UK Garage and Speed Garage? Listen in to find out.