Verbal Diary 💬
A podcast of #RantsAndBants from Si Jobling & James Norton
4 months ago

№26 - Mr Aluminium 🤖

Si's got a thing going on the side and we check in on James' JOMO before discussing the end of an era at Apple and M3 PL4T3

4 months ago

№25 - Duck Cam 🦆

There is a lot of excitement about ducks this week while Si is doubling down on his JOMO mission

4 months ago

№24 - You Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks 🐶

In this week's episode, the old men moan about how complicated the modern world is.

4 months ago

№23 - Podnapped 👨‍💻

This week, James grabs hold of the mic and brings out the WWDC rants and bants

5 months ago

№22 – Rants and Pants 👖

In this weeks profane episode, Si has all the rants and James makes a political metaphor.

5 months ago

№21 – Preprepared Bants 😤

This week, James reads show notes to himself during the recording while Si wonders why he bothered.