Verbal Diary πŸ’¬
A podcast of #RantsAndBants from Si Jobling & James Norton
3 months ago

β„–24 - You Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks 🐢

In this week's episode, the old men moan about how complicated the modern world is.

3 months ago

β„–23 - Podnapped πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

This week, James grabs hold of the mic and brings out the WWDC rants and bants

4 months ago

β„–22 – Rants and Pants πŸ‘–

In this weeks profane episode, Si has all the rants and James makes a political metaphor.

4 months ago

β„–21 – Preprepared Bants 😀

This week, James reads show notes to himself during the recording while Si wonders why he bothered.

4 months ago

β„–20 – Binary Accelerator πŸš•

This week, Si and James catch up after an Easter break talking about the joys of podcasting and rants about air travel.

5 months ago

β„–19 – That’s A Big Egg πŸ₯š

This week, Si and James compare online subscriptions and rant about the point of April Fools.