Verbal Diary 💬
A podcast of #RantsAndBants from Si Jobling & James Norton
6 months ago

№18 – Heavy Metal 🔩

This week, Si & James talk about mesh networks, behemoth organisations and railways.

6 months ago

№17 - Rap It Up 🏅

This week, Si and James get lyrical about rubbish weekends, empathy in the workplace and the origins of iPhone.

6 months ago

№16 - A Near Miss ✈️

This week, Si and James talk about Sunday dinners, sensational aviation headlines and refuse collection.

7 months ago

№15 - Round Bottom 🍑

This week, Si & James discuss good whiskeys, The Monument, the ambiguity of emoji and flash cars.

7 months ago

№14 - Rest Your Meat 🥩

After missing a week, Si and James return with some unconventional discussions about plummeting insect numbers, steak dinners and more movie homework.

7 months ago


This Week Si and James discuss the challenges and joys of remote working, flexible working and iconic movie posters.