№14 – Rest Your Meat 🥩

After missing a week, Si and James return with some unconventional discussions about plummeting insect numbers, steak dinners and more movie homework. This Week More Apple Watch fun Upcoming holidays and walking challenges Article of the Week Plummeting insect numbers ‘threaten collapse of nature’ Picture of the Week


This Week Si and James discuss the challenges and joys of remote working, flexible working and iconic movie posters. Article of the Week “For us, flexibility is not about working less, but it is about encouraging people to work differently. It’s a two-way street.” What PwC learned from it’s policy of flexible work for everyone by […]

№12 – #EMERGENCY ⚠️

This week, we talk about when company and personal cultures clash, Sharpies plus a call-to-action on Twitter.

Almonds, Coffee, Milk, Mmmmm

Episode 8 brings some random thoughts on how productive we are, can it be measured and should we really care.

Crap At Homework

Episode 7 when Si and James have a second attempt to discuss delivering quality in software engineering.

It’s A Bit Of A Boring One

Episode 6 when James and Si discuss whether it’s possible to increase productivity without compromising on quality.

Nailing The Brief

Episode 5 brings you three finely selected jingles from the previous episode’s Fiverr challenge. Have we found our theme music?